Don’t freak out. Buy the dips!

If you are invested in Bitcoin you almost definitely have been watching the market the last 2 days with the huge price drop in Bitcoin and all crypto currency. A lot of new investors start to regret their investments when they start dropping. Especially when they see the huge drops in price we have been seeing in the crypto market the last few days. If you check the market right now you will see the crypto markets are already rebounding. Hopefully your didn’t freak out and sell at a loss. On the same note hopefully if you didn’t sell as crypto was dropping you don’t sell just because it has gone back up and you want out before next drop. But if you were a smart investor you bought Bitcoin and other alt coins at or near the lows.

If you are new to Bitcoin and other cryto currency this is what the market does from time to time. We had enormous growth in the span of less then month and we were due for a correction. Bitcoin isn’t dead. It was just a tiny set back in price. If you look at past drops in Bitcoin you will see very shortly after a huge dip Bitcoin begins to skyrocket again. I believe we will still hit $20,000 before the end of 2017. Bitcoin is a juggernaut and can not be stopped. So when we get our next market correction don’t freak out and sell. Grab yourself your favorite cocktail to ease the nerves and start buying more Bitcoin and alt coins.

Happy investing!

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